Stones on DECCA
England's Newest Hitmakers
LL 3375

The first US issue ”England’s Newest Hitmakers” was manufactured in UK by Decca and shipped to US. The reason why they pressed some of the LP’s in UK is not known. The US catalogue number was used and the London Record logo was on the LP. They were put into London bags in UK and sent to US. On arrival they then put the LP’s into US made stock covers. Both stock red label and Promo white label LP’s were pressed. The promo copy had sticker on the front cover ”Promotion Copy Not For Sale”. Both the Promo and stock versions had the poster included and the poster text on the front cover.

Updated Jun 10, 2022

12 x 5
LL 3402
PS 402

Mono LL3402 / Stereo PS 402 The second US LP, 12×5 was also pressed in UK by Decca for export to US. The records were put into inner bags and shipped to US. They were then put into original US made sleeves on arrival. This album was not released in England until the 1980’s.

Updated Jul 9, 2022

LL 3420

Released in US on February 12th 1965 Rolling Stones Now! was also pressed in UK on the London label for export to USA. Only Mono LP’s were made. The LP’s were put into UK made inner bags and then shipped to US. On arrival there, they were put into US made covers.

Updated Jun 10, 2022

Out Of Our Heads
LL 3429
PS 429

Released in the US on July 30th 1965 This is the US version of Out Of Our Heads made in UK for the domestic market in USA. The vinyl was pressed in UK and put into an inner bag before being exported to US. On arrival there, the records were put into US made sleeves. The vinyl had the US numbers on the labels, LL3429 for the Mono LP and PS429 for the stereo LP.

Updated Jul 17, 2022

PS 509

Stereo PS509 Manufacturing of LP’s in UK for London Records continued in the end of the 60’s. This time London ordered LP’s for export to Japan where as the 1964 and 1965 production went on export to USA. Flowers was the first of four LP’s made for the Japanese market. The US London catalogue number PS509 was used. Only Stereo version is known to exist on London Records made in UK. The manufacturing year is not confirmed but it has to be either 1967 or 1968 as the pressing has the groove.

Updated Jun 18, 2022

Their Satanic Majesties Request

Satanic was also pressed in UK with the London label for export to Japan. The records were pressed 1967 or 1968. All records has the grooved label. Us catalogue number NPS-2 was used. The record, the inner bag and the cover were all made in UK and exported as ready to sell LP’s.

Updated Jun 18, 2022

Beggars Banquet
PS 539

Beggars Banquet was also pressed in England for export to Japan. London records had some problems with the local Japanees maufacturer King Records and to fill the market need, they had to press LP’s outside Japan for the Japanees market. London Records had then LP’s made by Decca in UK. The LP’s were pressed with the London label and the US catalogue number PS539 instead of the UK number SKL4955. Only Stereo LP’s are existing. The manufacturing date of Beggars Banquet with the London Record label is not known but it would probably be 1968 or 1969.

Updated Jun 18, 2022

Stone Age

Stereo SKL5084 This album is a rather odd one. Stoneage was not issued in USA at all and in Japan it did only get an official release in 1980 with the catalogue number GXD-1017. But this LP was still ordered by London to be printed in UK by Decca for export to Japan. It is not known when this LP was made but probably just after the release in UK in 1971. They used the same catalogue number as in UK, SKL5084, because the album did not have any US/ Japan market catalogue number.

Updated Jun 18, 2022

Got Live If You Want It
LL 3493

Mono LL3493 / Stereo PS493

Updated Aug 26, 2023