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Beggars Banquet

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Beggars Banquet was also pressed in England for export to Japan. London records had some problems with the local Japanees maufacturer King Records and to fill the market need, they had to press LP’s outside Japan for the Japanees market. London Records had then LP’s made by Decca in UK. The LP’s were pressed with the London label and the US catalogue number PS539 instead of the UK number SKL4955. Only Stereo LP’s are existing.
The manufacturing date of Beggars Banquet with the London Record label is not known but it would probably be 1968 or 1969.

The cover

Back side

The white standard cover was used. London records was given as the record label on the back side and Decca was given as manufacturer. Sleeves were made by Garrod and Lofthouse.



The "OBI" was a separate paper in Japaneese added to records imported to Japan.


The Flexi disc

The LP had a 45rpm flexi disc included. The disc has a telephone interview of Mick Jagger being in London done by a King Record person in Japan. The interview was done on April 17th 1968 and they talk about the new LP to be issued shortly. Well, due to problems with the sleeve picture, the album was finally put out on December 5th 1968. The conversation is rather silly and Jagger is not taking the conversation seriously. There is a lot of “small talk” and you get the impression that the King Redcord representative just wanted to give Jagger a call so the he could tell his friend later that he has actually spoken to Mr Jagger…
Anyhow, the flexi is a nice addition to the LP and is not found very often.






Label versions

Beggars Banquet for export to Japan was only made in Stereo. At least two pressings have been taken as there are label versions existing.

Design No 4 / version 1

This label has the JT tax code on the bottom of the label. The tax code should not actually be on these export LP’s as the code was used only for domestic sales in UK.



Design No 4 / version 2

The JT tax code is missing on this version. This is correct as LP’s for export and should not have any tax code.