Stones on DECCA

Stone Age

Page created on Jan 1, 2011
Updated on Jun 18, 2022

Stereo SKL5084
This album is a rather odd one. Stoneage was not issued in USA at all and in Japan it did only get an official release in 1980 with the catalogue number GXD-1017. But this LP was still ordered by London to be printed in UK by Decca for export to Japan. It is not known when this LP was made but probably just after the release in UK in 1971. They used the same catalogue number as in UK, SKL5084, because the album did not have any US/ Japan market catalogue number.

The Cover

Front cover

The cover was the same as in UK, only difference is that DECCA logo was replaced the LONDON logo.


Back Cover

The back side of the cover had all the same text as on the UK release


The inner bag

London ffrr bag

Standard London ffrr inner bag was used. Both sides of the bag is pictured.



The Label

Design No 4

Only one label version is known to exist of this export LP.