Stones on DECCA

This site is dedicated to Rolling Stones LPs, made in the UK by DECCA RECORDS


I have been collecting Stones vinyl records since the mid 80’s and through the years I have come to realise that there is not just one version existing of Out Of Our Heads, but a lot of them. First I got one with a red label. After a while I found another one, but this one had a, blue label? Ah, Mono and Stereo! Then I noticed that the red one had a large DECCA text and the blue one had a smaller DECCA that was kind of in a box. Well, the rest is history as they say.

I have for years been looking around on the net for more information on what actually is existing and what I should be looking for. But I did not really find anything so I decided to do it myself. This project started in 2007 and was first published as part of the Nordic Stones Vikings homepage.

The project has been growing and in January 2010 I shifted all information over to this place, that is totally dedicated to Rolling Stones LP’s released in UK on the Decca label. IT platforms comes and goes and now in 2022 I am publishing the third version of the page.

The idea behind the site

My goal is to present a detailed set of information on each Rolling Stones Long Playing record manufacture by Decca Record Company in England. The two key words here are LP and England. At this point I have only documented the LP’s made up to 1970 and the Get Yer Ya Ya's Out album. UK Decca records from the 70’s will perhaps be added some day. The EP’s and singles are not included for now. They may or may not end up here in the future.

Most of the material presented here is from my own collection. Some pictures have been supplied by fellow collectors and some pictures are nicked from e-bay. The information you will find here is based mostly on my own findings but a few fellow collectors have also supplied valuable information. You will find most of the contributors named in the Credit section. I cannot guarantee that all of it is 100% correct. There will always be issues that I do not know about, new versions are being found etc. So, if you find any wrong information here or if you have additions, please do get in touch with me. Whatever comments you have are always welcome. My e-mail address is jan.richardsson at gmail dot com.

What can You find here?

Is my LP an original pressing or a reprinting? When was it made? How many different labels are existing? Is the combination of vinyl, inner bag and sleeve correct? The information on these pages will help you in identifying and dating the record that you have. There is also a big difference in value for a first original print and later reprints. I have not indicated any values and will not comment on the value of these records. I always say that the value of an item is what you are ready to pay for it.