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Out Of Our Heads

Page created on Jan 1, 2011
Updated on Jul 17, 2022

Released in the US on July 30th 1965

This is the US version of Out Of Our Heads made in UK for the domestic market in USA. The vinyl was pressed in UK and put into an inner bag before being exported to US. On arrival there, the records were put into US made sleeves. The vinyl had the US numbers on the labels, LL3429 for the Mono LP and PS429 for the stereo LP.

Cover versions

Mono cover

All Mono covers are the same. The LP number is in the lower left corner.


Stereo cover

The Stereo LP has been found i two different US covers. One has the STEREO PS429 text and the second one has the “Electronically re-processed” text. It is not confirmed that the record was sold in the “Electronically re-processed”. There may also have been a change of cover on the record. Confirmation pending.



The Satisfaction Sticker

The LP’s were sealed in plastic as new. A sticker was put on the front on top of the plastic seal.


The Promo Sticker

Some of the LP’s were used for Promotional purpose. They got the Promo sticker on the plastic wrapped around the sleeve. LP inside is stock red label version.


Inner bag


The inner bags were manufactured in UK. Same style of bag was used for both mono and stereo records. Red Mono LP with the back side of the bag and blue Stereo LP with the front of the bag.



Label versions

OOOH was pressed in very small quantities, but still at least three label versions are existing on the Mono LP.

Mono labels

Design No 1 / version 1

The song titles are in a “Times New Roman” looking font.



Design No 2 / version 2

The word “Band” is in front of all song titles.



Design No 2 / version 3

The song titles are in an Ariel looking font.



Stereo label

Design No 3 / version 1