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Got Live If You Want It

Page created on Jun 19, 2022
Updated on Aug 26, 2023

Mono LL3493 / Stereo PS493

Test pressing

The export live album released in Europe by Decca was called “Have You Seen Your Mother LIVE!. The same album was released as “got LIVE if you want it!” in many countries, for example, all regions where Rolling Stones albums were released on the London Records label. Decca was planning to press both mono and stereo versions of the live album for export to US using the London catalogue numbers and labels, just as they did with previous releases. But for some reason, the project was stopped before reaching the state of production for commercial records.
Only test pressings are existing of both the mono and the stereo record. No production records with stock red mono and blue stereo labels are known to exist.

Label versions

Mono Labels

This is a mono test pressing of the live album. The London Record catalogue number LL3493 is written on the label. Tape and matrix number ARL 7517-2A on side A and ARL 7518-2A on side B and the title is noted as “Have You Seen Your Mother LIVE”. This is a combination of the London catalogue number, the Decca matrix numbers and the Decca title for this album. People at Decca in UK did not yet know that London records planned to release the album under a different name, “got LIVE if you want it!”



Stereo label

This is the stereo version of the same record. This one has also the London Records stereo catalogue number PS493, but the title and the tape and matrix numbers of the Decca live album, “Have You Seen Your Mother Live” with ZAL7517-W1 on side one and ZAL7518-W1 on side two.