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Released in UK on May 22nd 1965
Yet another compilation LP from Decca. The only Rolling Stones songs on this LP was Surprise Surprise. This was a new Stones song that had not been released previously. It took another six years before the song got a pure Stones release. It was the B side on the Street Fighting Man 7” released in July of -71 and the first time it got a LP release was in October of -73 on the No Stones Unturned LP.

The cover

Back cover

The only Rolling Stones song was "Surpriced Surpriced", number one on the first side of the album. Well, the song was the first on side one of the record. However, the cover had all songs in the wrong order.


Label versions

Design No 1 (LK4695/S1/D1/V1) (LK4695/S2/D1/V1)

Original release from 1965 is pressed with the grooved label. There was a demand for the record as well in the late 60's and a second pressing was done in 1968 or 1969, this time on the non-grooved pressing. The same labels were used both in 1965 and 1969