Thank Your Lucky Stars




LK 4557


Issued in UK on September 28th 1963


Decca used to release compilation albums in the early 60’s. They collected released single records from artists signed to Decca and put them on the same LP’s. This was a good way to sell the same songs all over again.


This is the first ever LP featuring a Rolling Stones recording


Come On was the Stones track included on this LP. It was the A side from the very first and only 7” single released by Rolling Stones at the time when this Decca album came out. That 7" had been issued on June 7th that same summer and the next one would be "I Wanna Be Your Man" in November of 1963.


This LP was again reissued in UK in December of 1982 with the catalogue number TAB51





The Cover

The back side of the sleeve is looking lik this






The Label