Belgian Matrix numbers with UK labels



Some nongrooved Stones LP’s pressed in the end of the 60’s has been found with Matrix numbers that are totally different looking than standard numbers used by Decca in England. Part of the letters and the tape number are the same as used in UK, but with a different font. The Master Laquer used for making the plates that these LP’s were pressed with has clearly not been made at Decca in London.

We have found that LP’s made in Belguim during the 60’s has the same font and pattern of the Matrix so we believe that these plates are originated form Decca in Belgium. The LP’s do have the standard UK Decca labels. So we have LP’s pressed with plates made in Belguim with standard labels with “Made In England. So the question is, were these LP’s pressed in Belgium or in England?


This is a Rolling Stones No2 LK4661. The LP is in the “Dartford Collection” in Belguim




Side one has XARL6-6619/1 and side two has XARL6-6620/3







Here is another LP, Out Of Out Heads LK4725. This LP is in the “Emilio Collection” in Italy. You can find better pictures on his blog.





Side one has ARL-6791/1 and side two has ARL-6792/1






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